10 Phrases Leaders Use to Build Trust with Team Members


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Building a culture of trust starts with a shared vocabulary of simple—yet powerful—phrases that leaders use to say thanks, offer compassion, and provide support.

Leaders who engage team members with compassion and gratitude encourage them to trust one another and rally around each other and their leader to achieve desired outcomes. When this happens, amazing things occur.

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Unconscious Bias is a natural part of the human condition—of how the brain works.

Every day, your leaders and your workforce are faced with countless bits of information while making decisions that range from the pragmatic to the strategic. As they confront more and more information—requiring them to act quickly while considering varying perspectives—they are primed to rely on biased thinking.

Why? Because unconscious biases are shortcuts that help our brains compensate for overload. This affects how we make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations and circumstances, often limiting potential, inhibiting performance, and leading to poor decision-making.

You may be new to the topic of unconscious bias, or perhaps you already have a training initiative underway inside your organization. Regardless of your knowledge level, these complimentary resources will help as you create a workplace of inclusion and engagement.