About the Course Guide (PDF)

The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership™ is a comprehensive, memorable framework that (when consistently applied) will empower you to take your leadership to the next level. This course is designed to help you cultivate the key skills aligned with a leader’s most critical tasks:

1. Inspire Trust

2. Create Vision

3. Execute Strategy

4. Coach Potential

This course Is targeted to:

• Leaders who wish to dramatically increase the results of their leadership.
• Leaders who wish to inspire trust, creativity, and collaboration in those they lead.
• Professionals seeking the skills to qualify for leadership roles.
• Aspiring individuals seeking new ways to help them grow and thrive in their industry.

Download the course guide for more information on:

• Course Objectives
• Course Features
• Module Topics
• Skills Developed
• One-to-One Coaching
• Knowledge Certificate
• Course Reviews
• FAQs

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“This course offered very valuable insights into what I can do to become a better leader. There were a lot of useful examples, and the videos were the best I have seen on leadership. It was also engaging and fun!”

Course Participant

“I am taking away from this course the tools I need to be a great leader. The course assignments provided opportunities for reflection and the content was excellent and rich with tips to be a more effective leader.”

Course Participant