About the Course Guide (PDF)

Throughout The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity® course, you’ll learn to use advanced focus strategies so you can start achieving more while doing less. These principles will help you become an intentional player when it comes to your own productivity, work-life balance, and goal setting.

This course Is targeted to:

• Professionals seeking to streamline their workflow and be more productive.
• Individuals looking to improve their effectiveness and impact at work and at home.
• Aspiring professionals seeking skills to help them grow and thrive in their industry.
• Anyone wishing to increase their productivity around their top priorities.

Download the course guide for more information on:

• Course Objectives
• Course Features
• Module Topics
• Skills Developed
• One-to-One Coaching
• Knowledge Certificate
• Course Reviews
• FAQs

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“My life is filled with busyness, and this course helped me take a step back and evaluate the tasks and attitudes that create the sense of anxiety over that busyness.”

Course Participant

“The 5 Choices course gave me the necessary tools to live in the quadrant of productivity and enjoy both my work and personal life.”

Course Participant