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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® represent a spectrum of increasing maturity based on vital principles that will help you to master yourself (the Private Victory®) and then help you succeed with others (the Public Victory®).

This course Is targeted to:

• Individuals looking to improve their effectiveness and impact at work.
• Leaders who wish to inspire trust, creativity, and collaboration in those they lead.
• Aspiring professionals seeking skills to help them grow and thrive in their industry.
• Those who wish to significantly improve their relationships at home and at work.
• Anyone seeking greater meaning and purpose in their life.

Download the course guide for more information on:

• Course Objectives
• Course Features
• Module Topics
• Skills Developed
• One-to-One Coaching
• Knowledge Certificate
• Course Reviews
• FAQs

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“Every aspect of my life has improved; this is the first course that has been so far-reaching.”

Course Participant

“This course has helped me to see exactly what I need and want out of life, and how I can achieve it.”

Course Participant