About the Course Guide (PDF)

The Leading at the Speed of Trust® course will teach you how to build credibility, competency, and transparency in a way that earns you the trust of your employer and those you work with. You will learn about the cost of low trust in organizations, and more importantly, how to repair and restore trust once it has been lost.

This course Is targeted to:

• Leaders who wish to inspire trust, creativity, and collaboration in those they lead.
• Managers and supervisors who wish to gain the respect and credibility of their team.
• Aspiring leaders who want to gain the foundational skills for effective leadership.
• Professionals seeking the next-level skills to thrive in their industry.
• Those wishing to significantly improve interpersonal relationships at work and home.

Download the course guide for more information on:

• Course Objectives
• Course Features
• Module Topics
• Skills Developed
• One-to-One Coaching
• Knowledge Certificate
• Course Reviews
• FAQs

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“Exceeded expectations, both through the material presented and resources provided. The course did a fantastic job of providing examples and speaking to real-world situations.”

Course Participant

“The course was fun, entertaining and informative. It was insightful and raised a lot of solutions to problems at work and in the real world.”

Course Participant