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Every organisation has pockets of great performance. Within them you will find significant variability in performance—think of all the sales teams in your organisation that aren't performing like the great ones. The best organisations know where their pockets of greatness reside. They are better than the rest at scaling greatness across the organisation, institutionalising their own best practices, getting everyone's behaviour to change, and making their performance curve "righter and tighter."

But most organisations come to accept sales performance variability as a given—and often attempt to improve performance by repeatedly changing strategies, leading to the "flavour of the month" syndrome.

Our complimentary Execution Challenge Worksheet to help you answer:

  • What is the most important goal, outcome, or metric of your organisation?
  • Who needs to do what differently, or more consistently, to achieve the goal or outcome?
  • Which sales teams or leaders are modelling the behaviour that you want and are considered your great performers?

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