About the Course Guide (PDF)

The Unconscious Bias™ course gives you a framework of perspectives and behaviors. Once applied, these concepts will help you to foster powerful inclusion, enhance innovation, and increase a sense of belonging in the workplace.

This course Is targeted to:

• Professionals seeking to uncover and mitigate unconscious biases.
• Professionals seeking to foster greater inclusion and diversity on their team.
• Leaders who wish to lead with intentionality and an eye for individual potential.
• Leaders who wish to create more effective collaboration and inspired teams.
• Individuals who wish to learn more about bias and its effects on others in the workplace.

Download the course guide for more information on:

• Course Objectives
• Course Features
• Module Topics
• Skills Developed
• One-to-One Coaching
• Knowledge Certificate
• Course Reviews
• FAQs

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“The Unconscious Bias course was full of valuable information, concepts, and advice that can be immediately put into action.”

Course Participant

“This course expanded my vision, challenged me to change, and provided the skills to do it.”

Course Participant