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This eBook is an engaging read and an inspiring challenge to many of our paradigms about our own biases.

The topic of unconscious bias can be a controversial one, fraught with opinions, political leanings, assumptions, and difficult interactions. However, our experience and research have shown that bias is far more ubiquitous than we can even imagine—and it’s impacting our organizational results.

Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential

Every day, your leaders and your workforce are faced with countless bits of information while making decisions that range from the pragmatic to the strategic. As they confront more and more information—requiring them to act quickly while considering varying perspectives—they are primed to rely on biased thinking.

Why? Because unconscious biases are shortcuts that help our brains compensate for overload, which can inhibit performance and lead to poor decision-making. 

You may be new to the topic of unconscious bias, or perhaps you already have a training initiative underway inside your organization. Regardless of your knowledge level, these complementary resources will help as you create a workplace in which everyone feels valued and able to offer their best.